The wines we serve, the vineyard and winemaking would not have happened if it weren’t for Catherine Bonneau who first conceived of owning a vineyard in America.

The Bonneau family’s grape growing in France ended due to widespread pestilence, so they sought a new start in America. That turn-of-the century trek ended just south of the historic mission town of Sonoma where Catherine and her husband purchased land for a vineyard.  Today, her grandson John Bambury keeps the dream alive on the family’s vineyard and nearby in a state-of-the-art winery.

John has been spearheading all winemaking operations on behalf of the family business since 2000.  His inaugural release of the 2002 Bonneau Los Carneros Chardonnay has led to more than a dozen widely acclaimed vintages in a growing array of varietals and styles – all of them carefully handcrafted by John and his team.

In the spirit of his ancestors, John is a visionary of sorts himself. His respect for nature and the land is part and parcel to what drives his passion as both an artisan and businessman.

Today, John Bambury is still at the helm of his boutique family operation. When he’s not in the vineyard, John can be found in the cellar working the magic that comes from a legacy of generations of growers and a dozen successful vintages in Sonoma and beyond.